“I used Dr. Jeremy Kieval in Lexington and could not be happier. Caring, compassionate, professional, and good. Nice combo!”

“Had surgery Monday AM, was watching the Bruins game that night in total comfort. Worked with Dennis & Callahan on Tuesday AM. No problems.”

“I was 20/20 with glasses and 20/15 without glasses today!” (speaking on the day after his surgery)

— Dale Arnold, talk show host on WEEI

“After many years of wearing glasses and contact lenses, I decided to get LASIK eye surgery, and so far it has been the best decision that I have ever done in my life. I met with Dr. Kieval, who explained in detail the procedure to me, with all the risks and benefits. He took the time to answer all of my questions and concerns. After talking to him, I knew I was in excellent hands. The surgery itself was a piece of cake. Dr. Kieval talked me through the entire procedure and explained everything that he was doing. There was no pain at all, and it only took a couple of minutes. On my last checkup, I had 20/15 vision, and I can’t believe that I waited so long to have a procedure done that truly has changed my life.”

— Noreen H.

“Dr. Kieval’s approach to the procedure was straightforward and informative from the beginning. When I mentioned my interest in LASIK, he reviewed all of my options, not pressuring me to choose one way or another. The procedure itself was painless. Dr. Kieval’s step-by-step explanation during the procedure helped me to relax. I am incredibly pleased with the outcome of my LASIK procedure, and it’s like a dream to wake up each day with 20/20 vision.”

— Marni H.

“Dr. Kieval was warm and attentive during my recent LASIK procedure. He took time to answer my questions thoroughly and had a calming manner, which was comforting when, at the last moment, I got more nervous than I expected. My vision correction went smoothly, and my recovery was fast and painless. My results were fabulous! Even his office staff was great.

I feel that I made an excellent choice in seeing Dr. Kieval and would recommend him without reservation. Even if I could have obtained the same excellent result somewhere else, I doubt the experience would have been as easy and positive.”

— Raquel V.

“When my husband surprised me with vision correction surgery for my birthday, I immediately started researching the top corneal specialists in the area, knowing that the only way I’d be able to go through with it was with the knowledge that I had not only the best, but someone who was concerned more about the health of the eye than simply providing a ‘cosmetic’ service. After interviewing the top three specialists on my list, I knew I had that someone in Dr. Kieval.”

— Terry Kay E.

“As a physician, I knew that the most important decision was to find a surgeon who is up-to-date on the latest technologies and medical data. I knew instantly I had found that with Dr. Kieval. He took the time to personally educate me on the procedure and provided me with a comprehensive review of the pros and cons of all my options. The procedure was so much easier than I ever expected. Waking up with perfect vision is like a dream!”

— Julia G., MD

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