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LASIK at Lexington Eye Associates

Although thousands of LASIK and refractive procedures have been performed at Lexington Eye Associates, we are fully aware that this is a unique experience for you. Most of our patients have never had surgery before and are naturally quite nervous about what to expect with LASIK. From start to finish, you will receive the highest quality care and have every available resource to ensure 100 percent satisfaction. Your path will be a partnership with the highly trained staff, dedicated personnel, and experienced care of Dr. Kieval, and the team at Lexington Eye Associates.

The Day of LASIK Surgery

Prior to surgery, all patients are offered a light sedative medication to alleviate any anxiety about the process. You will be escorted into the laser room and positioned on a comfortable bed. After a thorough cleaning of your eyes and eyelids, Dr. Kieval will be ready to start. To avoid problems from blinking, a lid speculum is placed to hold the eyelids open during surgery. Anesthetic drops are applied so that you will feel no discomfort or pain throughout the procedure. When performing bladeless LASIK, Dr. Kieval uses the Intralase laser to create a flap. Afterward, the flap will be lifted back, and the excimer laser will be applied to correct your vision. The flap will then be repositioned to its normal place, and the process is repeated for the other eye. Although your eyesight will not be perfect at this point, you will begin to notice you can see better than you ever had without glasses.

After Surgery

It is true that the majority of Boston refractive surgery patients return the very next day after surgery already able to see 20/20 or better without glasses or contacts! However, beyond perfect vision, our primary concern is the safety of your eyes. This requires that each patient is monitored to ensure healing, and that they continue to have all of their expectations met. During the first week after surgery, the eyes will be recovering, and we ask that you take it easy, do not rub the eyes, and avoid swimming. Sunglasses are recommended at all times while outside in the sun. Likewise, you will be using some different eye drops for the first weeks after surgery.

Our Lifetime Guarantee

The most important question to ask your LASIK surgeon is who will care for me afterward? While most LASIK surgeons never see their patients again after surgery, Dr. Kieval guarantees to be the only physician involved in your care from start to finish. He will personally examine you pre-operatively, be the only surgeon to perform your procedure, and will be the only one to see you afterward. Having LASIK surgery, and getting rid of your glasses, and contacts, does not mean that you never need an eye exam again. We promise to be available to you for all your eye health needs, now and forever.

For more information regarding Boston refractive eye surgeons and the experience of the physicians at Lexington Eye Associates, please feel free to contact us directly through one of our ophthalmology website contact forms.

Boston LASIK Laser Eye Surgery

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