Contact Lens Care


  • Wash your hands and dry them before handling your contact lenses.
  • Clean and disinfect your lenses each time you remove them. Have a back-up pair of current glasses in case of any problems with the contacts.
  • Rinse your lens case daily with fresh solution and let air dry.
  • Replace your lens case every eight to 10 weeks.
  • Take off your contacts and wear your glasses if your eyes are red or painful, or there is any discharge, and call our office.
  • Keep all your eye appointments as recommended by your eye doctor.
  • Follow your doctor’s instructions to clean the lids if you have eyelid inflammation. This is important for increased comfort of your contact lenses.
  • Apply makeup only after you have put in your contact lenses.
  • Remove contact lenses before removing eye makeup.
  • Completely remove eye makeup at night. Consider SteriLid (TheraTears) or Lid Scrub (OCuSOFT) for makeup removal.

Do Not

  • Sleep in your contacts.
  • Put contact lenses in a red, irritated, or light-sensitive eye.
  • Swim or shower in your contacts.
  • Wear your contacts longer than the prescribed time—even if they feel comfortable.
  • Allow the tip of cleaning solutions to touch any surfaces (such as fingers, case, lenses).
  • Reuse any lens care solution.
  • Use eye drops or solutions not recommended by your doctor. Solutions are not interchangeable.
  • Wear your contact lenses in the presence of harmful or irritating vapors or fumes.
  • Use expired contact lenses or solutions.
  • Put contact lenses in your mouth or use saliva to wet the lens.
  • Rinse contact lenses or the contact lens case with tap water or other non-sterile liquid.
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