Roya Esbah Vatan, O.D.

Roya Esbah Vatan, O.D.


Comprehensive eye care, specialty contact lenses

Optometry School

New England College of Optometry, Boston, MA


Primary eye care, specialty contact lenses, dry eye, pre- and post-operative surgical co-management


Dr. Roya Esbah Vatan graduated from New England College of Optometry in 1990. She continued her training at Ocular Research of Boston (ORB), performing specialized contact lens fitting and researching dry eye complications*. Having extended experience in family eye care, Dr. Vatan has cared for families in Boston area in various settings such as research clinics, refractive surgery centers, and private practice over the past 27 years.

Dr. Vatan joined LEA in 2016.

*“Effects of Periocular Humidity on the Tear Film Lipid Layer,” Donald R. Korb, OD, Jack V. Greiner, MD, PhD, Thomas Glonk, PhD, Roya Esbah, OD, Victor M. Finnemore, OD, and Amy C. Whalen, BA, Cornea Vol. 15, No.2 1996

Boston LASIK Laser Eye Surgery

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