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Equip Yourself With Glasses or Contact Lenses in the Boston Area

When faced with a vision problem, many people find an effective, affordable, and even fashionable solution in eyeglasses, while others prefer the near-invisibility of contact lenses. The Lexington Eye Associates optical shop is prepared to provide patients from the Boston area and beyond a range of options and styles to suit any number of budgets, prescriptions, and aesthetic preferences. Talk to a member of our experienced team, which now features in-house opticians, to get started.

Each optician at our optical shop is licensed, and together they hold more than 50 years of experience. Their education and work history allow them to provide a high level of care, customizing the experience and results for each person. They are well versed in eyeglasses, and are prepared to answer questions about the range of options available, including materials, styles, cost, safety, and more.

The Optical Shop: Contact Lenses

Lexington Eye Associates seeks to provide the best possible contact lenses and related services to our patients. The LEA Contact Lens Department offers all contact-lens services at competitive prices. We fit all soft and gas-permeable lenses, including tinted, toric, multifocal, aphakic, keratoconic, and therapeutic lenses. We also provide custom lenses to correct glare from deformed pupils or to mask cosmetically unacceptable eye deformities. The close working relationship between ophthalmologists, optometrists, and contact-lens technicians ensures the best fit with the proper lenses for your eyes.

We welcome patients who have had contact-lens related problems.

Contact-lens appointments can be scheduled at any of our four office locations. Our contact-lens specialists are Dr. Roya VatanDr. Brenda CroninDr. Micaela CrowleyDr. Moojan RouhiDr. Anni SharmaDr. Kristin Stanley, Megan Lopez, and Gabriella Velonias.

Newer Materials

Most of the newer contact lenses allow more oxygen to pass through to the cornea; however, oxygen availability is not the only important factor for successful and safe contact-lens wear. Lens movement, deposit control, optical and physical design, ocular compatibility, and surface wettability need to be evaluated to ensure an appropriate fit.


In addition to new contacts that are designed for patients with dry eyes, treatment with advanced artificial tears, anti-inflammatory medications, and punctal plugs is available. These allow most patients to continue comfortable contact-lens wear.

The Optical Shop: Eyeglasses


Our opticians will help you select a frame that fits well and is consistent with your prescription. We offer the highest-quality lenses, including Zeiss and Varilux. The positioning of the lenses in the frame is determined with the aid of VisiOffice—the most precise tool for positioning the lens in the frame for best optical performance.


View of Our Optical Shop

Our opticians can demonstrate many options for your prescription with the VisiOffice System. We carry a wide variety of styles, including the latest designer trends, as well as sports eyewear and sunglasses.


Our frames are all excellent quality and fairly priced. The lenses are high quality and fabricated by trained opticians using premium equipment.


We strongly recommend polycarbonate or Trivex for all lenses used for distance, as these lenses are most resistant to shattering from an impact (fall, airbag, etc.) and filter out most UV light.

Our Selection of Children's Glasses


The prescription is guaranteed for three months, and the eyeglasses are guaranteed for one year with a recheck of your prescription and eyewear at no cost if necessary. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality fashionable eyewear at a fair cost.

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