VISX STAR S4™ Excimer Laser

The Past = Non-Dimensional

LASIK and PRK provide perfect vision as a result of excimer laser technology. Excimer lasers use energy that reshapes the cornea by removing ultra-fine layers of cells without any heat or collateral injury to the remaining tissue.

Earlier designs of excimer lasers did not take into account three-dimensional rotations and movements of the eye. This resulted in treatments that were imprecise and often led to visual aberrations that could degrade vision.

The Present = Three-Dimensional

One of the latest designs in excimer laser technology is the VISX STAR S4, with ActiveTrak and Variable Spot Scanning (VSS). ActiveTrak was the first FDA-approved tracker to track eye movements in 3-D along the X, Y, and Z axes. In doing so, it detects and compensates for a person’s tiny eye movements by guiding the laser beam to keep the treatment centered at all times. The tracker provides pinpoint accuracy in patients’ procedures and does so with maximum efficiency that decreases the amount of time needed for the treatment. Over two million people have benefited from laser vision correction with the VISX® laser.

Dr. Kieval uses the VISX STAR S4 with ActiveTrak exclusively for all LASIK and PRK procedures.

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