IntraLase® Blade-Free LASIK

The Past = Blades

Until recently, LASIK could only be performed by creating an incision in the cornea with a hand-held blade called a microkeratome. These microkeratomes have been used for decades and are still in use by many surgeons today.

Although they provide satisfactory results in most patients, the incisions are unpredictable in depth and architecture and have a much higher rate of complications both during and after surgery.

The Present = Bladeless

The latest technology available for LASIK involves the use of a femtosecond laser. A femtosecond laser uses tiny pulses of laser light to perform the first step of LASIK: creating a corneal flap.

IntraLase® is the most trusted and time-tested brand of femtosecond laser technology that is commercially available. A sophisticated computer guides the laser with precision accuracy far superior to that of a microkeratome. It can create an incision of the exact depth, diameter, location, and architecture desired. IntraLase® technology has led to better visual outcomes with higher percentages of patients achieving perfect vision. More importantly, IntraLase® has greatly reduced and nearly eliminated complications during the procedure.

Dr. Kieval uses IntraLase® technology exclusively to guarantee safety and ensure the utmost accuracy throughout your LASIK procedure.

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