Am I a Candidate for LASIK?

Taking the First Step

Congratulations! By investigating your options of laser vision correction, you are making the first and most crucial step in achieving independence from glasses and contact lenses. This means that you are ready to be rid of the hassle and expense of blurry vision, and wish to achieve the freedom to pursue any activity with perfect, clear vision.

Imagine a world waking up and seeing the alarm clock, driving down the highway, or seeing the headlines on a TV screen without reaching for glasses. As stated by our patients, LASIK is “a wonderful miracle.”

Most people have thought about having LASIK for years, but reading this means you consider yourself ready. That’s the most critical step!

For years, patients have been dependent of glasses or contact lens and are amazed at their ability to see everything crystal clear. The process is seamless and you will wonder why you waited so long. Over 99 percent of our patients have vision that is better 20/30, allowing them do anything they want without glasses or contact lenses.

Personalized Consultation

The free LASIK consultation at Lexington Eye Associates is a comprehensive process. It includes an evaluation and specialized, state-of-the-art diagnostic testing of your eye, an assessment of the health of your eyes, and a thorough discussion of the best refractive surgery to achieve your goals. Most of all, it is a chance for you to begin a partnership with Dr. Kieval, who will guide you throughout every step of the process. We will evaluate your goals and expectations, and form a partnership with you on the path to visual freedom.

A Thorough Process

While most “LASIK Consultations” are cursory and performed in less than an hour, our consultation is a thorough and complete examination that requires numerous tests, including dilating your eyes. Our philosophy is that your time is important. Having you come in multiple times for a “bait and hook” is not of value to your goals. Patients can expect to come in on one visit and receive all the necessary information to determine they will have the safest and most precise vision correction.

If this process is of interest to you, please take our self-evaluation test.

Listen to Our Patients

Everyone has their own story about the first time they opened their eyes and could see—really see—without glasses or contacts! We invite you to take a few moments to hear what our patients have to say about their new vision and their experience at Lexington Eye Associates. Click here to hear from our own patient experiences.

Boston LASIK Laser Eye Surgery

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