Custom Vue

The Past = Conventional

When light isn’t focused through the eye correctly, we need glasses. The prescriptions are based on determining the deviations of light called “lower-order aberrations.” These lower-order aberrations can be directly measured in the office using simple pieces of equipment. With “conventional” LASIK and PRK, one’s prescription is measured with this equipment and manually entered into the excimer laser. This information is then used to guide the laser treatment. For years, this method of vision correction provided satisfactory results. However, despite good outcomes, some patients had side effects such as glare, halos, or poor night vision.

The Present = Custom

We know that there is more to unfocused vision than just lower-order aberrations. Just like a fingerprint, each person’s visual aberrations are 100 percent unique to their eyes. This is the result of “higher-order aberrations” that cannot be measured with simple instruments, as they require complex and sophisticated systems for analysis. WaveScan technology is one such system that measures higher-order aberrations and was initially developed to reduce distortions when viewing objects in space through high-powered telescopes. It can measure and identify imperfections in a patient’s eye 25 times more accurately than standard methods.

The CustomVue procedure is the most advanced method of laser vision correction available. During the CustomVue procedure, aberrations measured by the WaveScan transfer to the VISX S4 excimer laser. The laser will use this data to correct every imperfection specific to your eye, providing a level of precision and accuracy never before possible. With the advent of CustomVue and WaveScan technology, unparalleled results have been possible, with many patients seeing better than they did with glasses or contact lenses. Moreover, the incidence of unwanted side effects, such as glare, halos, and decreased night vision, have been greatly reduced.

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