All of the physicians at Lexington Eye are skilled in treating patients with glaucoma. They are able to diagnose and treat the many types of glaucoma that present to our practice. For patients with advanced disease or for those who require more advanced laser or surgical therapy, we also have three glaucoma specialists: Dr. James UmlasDr. Mandi Kunen, and Dr. Matthew D. Lazzara.

At Lexington Eye Associates, we have the most advanced diagnostic tools available to help to determine whether a patient has glaucoma, to assess the type of glaucoma that may be present, and also to monitor the disease over time. These tools include the latest software for visual field testing to assess peripheral vision, digital photography to image the optic nerve, and ocular coherence tomography (OCT) to further evaluate the health of the optic nerve and monitor changes in the nerve.

Your physicians at Lexington Eye Associates are familiar with the latest medical, laser, and surgical techniques in treating glaucoma. Most importantly, they are dedicated to providing their glaucoma patients with continued support, education on their condition, and personalized care throughout their treatment.

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