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“I feel very lucky to have been recommended to go to Lexington Eye Associates by a colleague, after a series of poor experiences at other eye care offices. My experience here was _fantastically amazing_ in just an absolute sense (even before comparing to those previous experiences!), and I can now with great confidence highly, highly recommend Lexington Eye Associates to any and all who are looking for a fantastic eye care experience!”

“All of the staff were kind, gentle, patient, attentive, professional, and responsive to and knowledgeable about all of my many questions. At no point did I feel rushed, and at all points I felt like the actual health of my eyes was the main priority of the staff and doctor (as opposed to just trying to rush me through the appointment “pipeline” to get through as many patients as possible as quickly as possible and sell me frames at the end, like so many other offices).”

“The individual who conducted the first portions of the exam, before the doctor, was eminently professional and clearly spectacular at their job, and I genuinely had the sense at this point that this office was simply in a league of its own in terms of excellence.”

“The eye doctor I saw in particular actually listened to and with clear knowledge and authority explained the reasons for and/or provided help for every one of the multiple issues that have been plaguing my eyes for years, which is a massive relief given all my previous experiences with previous offices totally brushing me off in favor of trying to get through as many patients as possible as quickly as possible.”

“I felt totally taken care of here, and I felt like a _patient_ rather than a _customer_, which is what so many other offices have treated me like.”

“Having gone to other offices in the area, I have now absolutely found which eye care office I am going to go to forever more.”

“I truly, genuinely mean it when I say: Thank you!”

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“I’ve been going here for about 3 years now. Dr Mullen is absolutely incredible and she really makes me feel at ease and comfortable. I was referred to her because she specializes in a certain genetic disorder I have. Rate 5+ stars. Thanks guys :-)”

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“Dr. Mullen is awesome! Both her and her staff really know how to make a calming and easy environment for a baby! Highly recommend!”

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“This office is fast and efficient from the check-in process to the exit. My wait times are always acceptable and appropriate., usually I have to wait for my pupils to dilate. My ophthalmologist is Dr Deborah McCoy whom I followed when she left another office because of her level of caring, competence, and knowledge.”

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“I was initially concerned based on other reviews about long wait times, but I had exactly the opposite experience. Contrary to appointments I’ve had with other optometrists, I was in and out from my first appointment in a staggering 45 minutes (including filling out forms, an eye exam, and contact lens fitting). I spent very little time waiting in the reception area nor in the exam room. The staff were incredibly friendly and helpful both over the phone in setting up the appointment and confirming my insurance coverage, and at the time of the appointment. A great experience all around!”

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“The nose pad arm broke on my glasses and I was having some difficulty focusing on distant objects. I walked right into the Concord office and received immediate attention from Eric who replaced the nose pad and arm and adjusted the fit so that my distance vision improved. Excellent service.”

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“Excellent practice. Beautiful clinic office with ample parking. Clinic has multiple partners on staff and waiting rooms for each one. I had a great experience with my 2 1/2 year old son, thanks to the very friendly staff. They definitely know how to work with kids, and that is a welcome change from most doctor offices. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a great Optometrist or Ophthalmologist.”

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“Fantastic team of professionals at every level I started out at Lexington Eye Assocs in Lexington for routine eye exams with a great ophthalmologist, Dr. Kieval, when I lived in town. Having recently moved to West Concord, the Baker Ave location is even more conveniently located. Lots of parking there, and I can even walk when I’m feeling like getting some fresh air. As in Lexington, the staff are ALWAYS extremely friendly and helpful, explaining patiently everything in understandable detail — even when I ask to “please go over that again.” My most recent procedure was eye surgery for cataract removal in both eyes. I can’t praise my eye surgeon and her team highly enough. Every step of the process was outlined and explained — from diagnosis to testing to surgery and post-op care.”

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